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Georado Stiftung


Project as part of the LEADER development strategy

With the aim of achieving balanced spatial development of the rural economy and communities, including the creation and maintenance of jobs.

The State Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture (SMUL), Funding Strategy Unit, EAFRD administrative authority is responsible for implementing EAFRD funding in the Free State of Saxony.


Project management and project management of the "Georado" project at the Dorfhain location


A knowledge, innovation and experience center is being built on Talstrasse 7 in Dorfhain, the "GEORADO Adventure World Tharandt Forest". Here, scientific and practical knowledge is combined with the free spirit of art and the wealth of ideas from club life and tourism. The unique selling point is to make geology, geotechnical engineering in combination with geotourism practically tangible. A project management position will be created to pursue these goals. This should also be retained beyond the duration of the project in order to continue all activities initiated in the future, also within the framework of the foundation's objectives. The creation of further jobs depends on the success of the project and arises in connection with property maintenance, accounting, etc.


GEORADO is a new home for rescued art objects from Tacheles Berlin. These should be sorted, labeled and prepared in the form of an exhibition and made accessible to the public, ie for "everyone" who is interested. In addition, GEORADO offers many opportunities and space to bring artists together. Above all, this includes regional artists.


Another concern of GEORADO is to come to terms with the history of the industrial location Dorfhain - 100 years of electrical engineering in Dorfhain with formerly 2,400 employees. An exhibition is planned in which former employees of ELBAUDO (Electronic Components Dorfhain) are involved and which will also be open to the public afterwards.


The overarching goal of the project is for the project manager to bring together these many approaches, ideas and possibilities and thus build up an important potential for the region and its development.


  • Application on: 10.10.2017

  • Approval on: May 31, 2018

  • Project duration: 10/2017 - 03/2020

Network between universities and companies


A future-oriented project is the establishment of a network between universities and companies, which is carried out by the GEORADO Foundation.

A geotechnical experience center is to be built in Dorfhain, in which practical knowledge is to be preserved, conveyed and passed on. The center is operated by the GEORADO Foundation.
The non-profit foundation wants to network regional and national companies in the field of geotechnics and geology with universities and research institutions. Sustainable cooperation partnerships for the implementation of purely university projects but also for the implementation of projects between universities and companies are aimed for. The main goal is always to effectively link training, research and practice. (Source: Landkreisbote May 19, 2017 )

  • Application on: 09/20/2016

  • Approval on: June 23, 2017

  • Project duration: 10/2016 - 08/2017


During the project duration of 10 months, around 230 students, professors, doctoral students and research assistants from 7 universities took part in a practical transfer of knowledge in the Georado. 21 companies presented their knowledge in the form of lectures or practical training units. Sustainable cooperation partnerships have already been entered into with a large part. The universities have given expressions of intent to continue using this established and developing network for training in the future. The project with its idea of ​​networking universities with companies and thus passing on and preserving knowledge can be rated as a complete success.

For a long time there have been efforts to establish a geopark in the Tharandt Forest region.

A geopark is intended to bring the region more into the focus of tourists and also offer locals the opportunity for local recreation and a wide range of education. With the application for LEADER funding for the development concept of the Geopark, the association GEOPARK Erlebnis Tharandter Wald eV has now taken another step towards the Geopark. The LAG of the “Silver Ore Mountains” region sees great potential for our region in this project. (Source: Landkreisbote 23.09.2016 )


  • Applicant: Geopark Erlebnis Tharandter Wald eV

  • Application on: 23.09.2016

  • Approval on: March 28, 2017

  • Project duration: 05/2017 - 04/2018


The developed development concept fully and competently fulfills the task for a strategic development concept with regard to the criteria that should be identified and fulfilled for an application as a national geopark in Germany. This applies in particular to the clear demarcation of the unique selling point of the study region "Tharandt Forest and Weißeritztäler" with its special geology, both with reference to the Tharandt Caldera with Cretaceous deposits and to the uranium-rich coal deposits of the Döhlen Basin.
The development potentials for sustainable regional development were clearly worked out and demonstrated with examples; The existing model offers further potential in the presentation of the present concept and in terms of a sharpening of the profile. The strategic goals were explicitly named and conclusively justified.

Creation of a development concept

This measure is co-financed with tax revenues based on the budget decided by the Saxon state parliament.


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