Allianz am Bau

The competence network

Sharing knowledge - presenting know-how

"Sharing knowledge, presenting know-how". This is our concept. Our partner companies show their core key areas of expertise and provide a practical view of the theoretical basics learned in numerous workshops.


They offer a broad spectrum of geotechnical engineering. This includes various ground stabilising solutions as well as machine, anchor, injection and drilling techniques and technologies or shotcrete methods, interesting facts for height workers, aerial photography and analysis as well as digitalisation.



The presentation of geotechnical systems on a 1: 1 scale creates understanding and forms the basis for an intensive transfer of knowledge. The basic functionality, the quality of the materials used, the corrosion protection for permanent use, the connection to the ground and thus the dissipation of forces can be made visible in the structural details.


Training places for special practical exercises are the second component of modern knowledge transfer. In hands-on training, the theoretical basic knowledge is quickly and deeply consolidated, for example on the climbing tower. Ideal conditions have been created for training at level 1 to 3. The option of training on installed safety fences complete the offer.


The third part of the "turbo knowledge transfer" is the presentation of various techniques and technologies. To name just a few examples, machines from the specialist areas of civil engineering, geotechnics, geophysics, geothermal energy, etc. will be presented on a 1: 1 scale.

The understanding between the systems to be installed in connection with the knowledge of the pending subsoil and the knowledge of the respective technical possibilities is the basis for good engineering practice.