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Georado is founded on three pillars - Geoalliance, Geopark and Geoart - and supported by the GERADO foundation. A scientific advisory board will ensure the professional independence of the project in the future and provide the necessary advice.

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The competence centre GEOALLIANCE brings together specialists from geotechnics and applied geology and ensures an intensive exchange of experience at all levels. Lecturers and students, engineers, machine and equipment manufacturers, craftsmen and trainees discover new opportunities for their professional future.

In addition to theory, the location also offers practical training. The spectrum is broad and interdisciplinary. It ranges from basic craftsmanship to scientific research. Product training, employee seminars, application demonstrations and excursions are all part of the programme.

GEOALLIANCE promotes young professionals and thus creates jobs and training positions.
A manufacturer-independent, permanent geotechnical exhibition shows how theoretical knowledge can be experienced in practice.



Networks like GEORADO thrive on creative processes. The art initiative GEOART supports this approach in a targeted manner. Artists of different origins and genres work together in their own studios and present their works in exhibitions, workshops and symposia. Open access, participation and free space in art form the key pillars of the concept.

In this way, the artistic work connects all actors and visitors of the entire GEORADO project.

Large sculptures welded from thousands of steel particles, wooden sculptures made with chain saws and sandpaper, paintings in exploding colours with inspiring stories together create a special experience-focused exhibition.



Jens Jähnig

Luisa Mac Donnacha

Lysann Lauer

Olaf Stoy

Der wissenschaftliche Beirat steht uns bei der fachlichen Ausrichtung der geotechnischen Dauerausstellung begleitend zur Seite. Die Auswahl der gezeigten Systeme und Materialien erfolgt dabei stets auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik. Weiterhin wurde in den Diskussionen eine breite Palette von Schulungsmodellen erarbeitet, die vom reinen Vorlesungskonzept über praktische Übungen, zum Hands-on-Training bis hin zum Messekonzept reichen. Dies war Grundlage für den modernen veränderten Wissenstransfer.

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