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What is

food assembly?

"Marktschwärmer" is the direct route to good food from your region. We have abolished the middlemen - thus making shopping at fair prices possible for you and the people who make your groceries.


You simply order online whenever you want and what you want. You pick up your order once a week from the Schwärmerei near you. The producers are personally on site to answer all your questions about products, production or the best recipe ideas.


You can register with up to three crushes in your area. As a member you do not commit yourself to anything: No membership fee. No obligation to order. No minimum sales. No delivery costs.


"Marktschwärmer" is a growing community of regional producers and consumers who want to eat and operate differently. The direct exchange between producers and consumers creates transparency and trust, the basis of market enthusiasts




Saft von Possendorfer Streuobstwiesen.

Toff & Zürpel

Bienenwachstücher aus einer Dresdner Manufraktur

Adams Gärtnerei

Kräutergärtnerei aus Dresden

Früchteverarbeitung Sohra

Alles rund um die Frucht aus Sohra


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Do you want to deliver to us? Or would you like more information, we'd be happy to help! We are also always looking for new delicacies!

At the moment we are preparing to open our food assembly. It will start soon! You can help us by telling friends and neighbors about us. The more members our food assembly has, the faster we can start the first sale. We'll let you know when the time comes!



You pick up your order in your clossest food assembly. You will get to know the people who make your food personally. There is no more transparency.